Local SEO Website Optimisations Part 3

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This is the third instalment of a set of 3 videos going over the 12 most frequently asked questions I have been getting over the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t already read part one or watched the video for part one then you can go to Local SEO Optimisation Part 1 to check it out. Or if you have skipped part two then you can go to If you haven’t already read part one or watched the video for part one then you can go to Local SEO Optimisation Part 2 to watch the video or read the post.

Again, as for the other two videos, for those visitors who prefer reading to watching a video I have expanded the contents of the video below. If you have any questions then feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to get back to you asap.

In the previous videos the optimisations we looked at were what’s known as on page optimisations as they are what you will do to the pages of your website. In this video we are going to be looking at some off page techniques and ideas.

9. Are you listed on Free Ads Sites?

Free Ad sites such as Gumtree, might seem like an usual place to put your business but, if you think about it these free ad sites get a lot of traffic that are looking for local business and services. Some of that traffic will visit your website so just like the citations and the social profiles the free ad sites are diversifying where your traffic is coming from, which Google loves. Also you never know you might get some customers from them as a bonus.

10. Do You Have An About Us Page?

Your About Us page is important as it is how you can introduce your business to your potential customers and build a bit of rapport with them. Hopefully with a well written about us page you will convert your visitors from a browser into a paying customer that wants to utilise your product or services.

11. Are you showing testimonials on your website?

If you think back to the last time you bought anything, where did your search start? If you’re like any other consumer, it probably begins with taking a look at what other customers have said.

Putting your testimonials and/or reviews on your website will improve your businesses chances of making a sale and will also keep visitors on your website for longer, as they read or watch them. Remember, having visitors stay on your site for longer helps as time spent on your website is a Google ranking factor.

If you have a WordPress site there are a number of plugins which will pull in reviews from your pages such as Facebook, Yelp and Google+.

12. Do other websites link to yours?

This is really, really important, when it comes to SEO. Check out this report published in July 2016 by Search Engine Land

If you look at your website as the new kid in school, he has no friends and therefore no trust with anyone. When you start making friends then your levels of trust grows in the community/niche you are in. So when a another relevant website links to your website it is the equivalent of receiving a new friend.

However you should be aware that not all links are equal, just like at school you have the Good crowd who the teachers like and trust, and you have the Bad crowd who nobody likes and trusts. If you get a link from a website that already has trust with Google and is in the same area of business as you then your level of trust with Google will grow. If you get a link from a website that is not as trusted by Google or is in a completely different area of business then you could get marked as part of the bad crowd.

Google can and does penalise sites for being in the bad crowd. If you do get a penalty from Google and get completely removed from their database then it is recoverable, but it takes a lot of time and is very expensive.

You can use ahrefs.com to check your link profile and of course you can also use it to check the link profile of your competitors.

When you look at the links you need to be looking at:

  • Where do they come from? Are they from relevant sites and not spammy sites.
  • What are the anchor text ratios like? Anchor text is the words you click on to get to the site. ahrefs.com is the anchor text for the link to Ahrefs website. The majority of your anchor text does not want to be keyword related it wants to be branded i.e. your business name, click here, visit our website, www.domainname.com. a small percentage wants to be the keywords that you are targeting.

Summary of the 12 Website SEO Optimisations

  1. Is your site mobile friendly?
  2. Does you site load quickly?
  3. Is your site listed in the top Local directories?
  4. Is your site listed on the top social networking sites?
  5. Do you know what your competitors are doing?
  6. Is your site optimised correctly?
  7. Does your site have clear contact information?
  8. Does your site have an embedded video?
  9. Is your business listed on the top free ad sites?
  10. Does Your Site have an about page?
  11. Have you got your testimonials showing on your site?
  12. Have you got some great backlinks


Well that’s the end of this 3 part look at 12 website SEO optimisations you can do to improve your search engine rankings. I hope you have enjoyed reading or watching it, but most of all I hope you have took action on your own website and incorporated at least some of the information. Knowledge is useless without action. If you have liked it and found it useful please feel free to share it with those who you think it might help.

I would be very interested to know if you have taken action if it has improved your websites position in the search engine results, feel free to contact me and let me know.

If you want to see how your website stands with an SEO Website Analysis then fill in the box at the bottom of the page, or if you would like me to help you with your local SEO then fill in my Discovery Form and I will give you a free website analysis and consultation to discuss your needs.

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