Can Your Wakefield Customers Find You Online

Did you know that 85% of consumers find

local Wakefield businesses online?

SEO Services Wakefield - SEO UKWith the declining distribution of printed Business Directories and the increasing use of the Internet to find businesses, it makes sense to devote your Marketing Budget to Online Channels that maximise your return on investment.

But in this day and age simply putting a website up onto the internet is just not enough. Search engines like Google use a whole range of criteria to determine whether your site ends up on Page 1 or Page 100. Plus today almost every business has a website.

For example, in the image below I ran a search for “Driving Instructors Wakefield”.

Wakefield SEO Driving Instructors Wakefield

Google found 41500 websites with the term Driving Instructors Wakefield in them. So depending on what business you are in you are competing with a large number of websites who all want to be on page One.

How are people going to find your business?

This is when you need our SEO Services Wakefield. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) simply put is just optimising each of the pages on your site. This is the first step and it will help to get your website onto page 1 of Google, and possibly to position 1.   On the image above the top two places are paid adverts, which work to a point. But when was the last time you clicked on an advert to find what you wanted?

The next one down is the Google Local, Google maps listing, depending on what Google has decided to call it today. It used to be the 7 pack but Google just recently changed it to the 3 pack (August 2015). To get displayed in here you need to have your own Google Business Page, this is a good spot to be in.

Within the normal day to day running of your business, do you have the time to learn about Search Engine Optimization and then implement it correctly?

If you want to be an SEO Expert then you would also need to make sure that you keep up to speed with all the Google updates.  Did you know that Google updates its algorithms approx 500 – 600 times a year? In a business you have more than enough to think about simply running your business, let alone trying to learn the ins and outs of Local SEO and also trying to keep up with it.

Let Our SEO Services Help People Find Your Business

We are a local Wakefield SEO Company and this is what we are here for. Our SEO Consultant not only  has a good understanding of how the Google algorithms but he is always updating his knowledge on what is happening in search engine land.

Our SEO Consultant will firstly discuss your business requirements and goals and then he will customise an SEO strategy which will reflect your business requirements. No matter whether you want to be on the first page for Wakefield, the whole of the UK or even world Wide. Our SEO Expert will develop a customised SEO strategy to fit your needs.

Outrank Your Competitors With Our SEO Agency

If your website is not listed at the top of the search engines then your competitors are way ahead of you. When a potential customer sees your website at the top of Google, they immediately know that your company is a leader in the marketplace.

Local SEO means getting you listed on all of the major “local” sites and optimising your unique listings and content for all those local sites. Your competitors are quite possibly not employing such extensive Local SEO as you will be.

Wakefield SEO Expert Website Analysis and Optimisation

As an SEO Expert we have tested all of our SEO Strategies that we use to make your business visible to your potential customers. The first step of our SEO strategy will be to analyse your website. We will then optimise your website and correct any errors that we have found, helping it on its journey onto Google’s first page for the keywords you have chosen. We call these types of rankings “natural” or “organic” and they are very valuable because people really trust them and click on them. Studies have shown that organic results get a more clicks than the Google Ads.

Once we have you ranking for the keywords you it is then up to you as to whether you would want us to rank your website for more keywords.

Our guarantee to you is that we only ever use best practices and proven techniques. We will send you a monthly report showing how your website is doing and all the work we have done for that month.

If you would like our SEO Company  to start developing your online marketing strategies for domination of page one of Google then call us today for a FREE consultation with our Wakefield SEO Consultant and an outline of the Wakefield SEO Services that we offer. If you already have a website why not try our FREE Website SEO Analysis tool at the bottom of the page to give your website a health check.



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